Nancy Handler incorporates collaged elements from all kinds of books and periodicals, illustration, and painting to create diminutive works of both kitsch and horror.  Decay and dissolution of the body and its historical environs, are suggested in bright appealing flower-strewn tableaux, suggesting the specter of death and destruction that belies the living world, like Ophelia’s corpse in a beautiful forestial clearing.


Nancy Handler has a BFA from the University of Michigan and an MFA from Pratt Institute, as well as a post-graduate Educational Specialist degree in photography from Florida International University.  After working in the fashion world for some time, Handler returned to her art practice, as well as teaching for Dade County Public Schools and as an adjunct for Miami-Dade College and the International Fine Arts College.  She has shown her work in numerous group shows in Miami and New York. Handler lives and works in Miami


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