I can tell that the freedom and happiness that exists inside of me gets shaped on my colorful art works, making this a reflection of my personality.
Bogotá is the city where I was born in 1965, which saw me grow up and discover my passion for the art when I was a preschool teacher, working and helping my students using drawing as a teaching method.
I got a degree at the "Instituto Colombiano de Educación Preescolar" in Bogotá, Colombia and I've worked as a bilingual educator for 14 years. In 1999 I relocated to San José, Costa Rica. Here I began my artistic life on 2003 when I took lessons with the artist Max Rojas.
After years of experimenting and delightment on this wonderful world of painting, I've created my own style. On 2006 I took some lessons with María Elena Salazar in Colombia where I experimented with different techniques and materials.
In my paintings I get inspired on travel and photographs of different places of the world, where live colors are present as in my country Colombia.
In my art works I use a technique with acrylic paint mixed with several materials who let me give some volume to my creations when manipulated with a spatula.


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